The Cycle of The Vines


It was fun to participate in the first picking of the season at the Vines Of Mendoza vineyards in late February.   We picked some pinot noir grapes from a neighboring vineyard near our vineyard, followed by sparkling wine toasts.   Pinot Noir is an early maturing varietal, along with the white grape varietals.  The clusters are tight, which makes Pinot Noir a tricky varietal to grow.   We will put some photos from that visit on the web site later.

This time of year in Mendoza is especially interesting for us.   During just a couple of months the grape harvest starts, the new wines begin their life cycle with fermentation, and our older wines travel to the United States.

There is always something happening during the annual cycle of the vines.  We will talk about the cycle in more detail in a future newsletter.  


From our own red grape vineyards the varietals were picked (in order of maturity) after we left:

*1.  Merlot

*2.  Cabernet Franc

*3.  Malbec

*4.  Syrah

The quality was quite high.   Now the grapes are enjoying fermentation followed by aging in French oak barrels.

Wayne Tamarelli