Recent Work in Mendoza

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People ask us whether the economic crisis in Argentina affects our winemaking program.   Despite problems of Inflation the work has been going really well.

Our grapes from last March’s harvest were fermented placed in French oak barrel  storage.

During our recent trip to the vineyards we met with the winery staff and tasted various combinations of grape varietals.   All the individual wines are coming along nicely.   After tasting various combinations we chose the best blends.   After they have been blended, they will undergo further aging (about 12  additional months) in French oak barrels to enhance their flavors and structures.

We relaxed at the villa and visited other wineries and restaurants.   A friend of long standing spent time there with us.

Our villa is part of The Vines Resort and Spa.  It is within walking distance of our vineyards and the winery, and has an outstanding restaurant by famous chef Francis Mallman. 


Over winter the very important task of pruning was done.  Pruning prevents excessive leaf canopy from happening.   It is a high-skill activity.  Custom-tailored irrigation during winter set the stage of a good spring budbreak.

Although rain clouds may still reach the Mendoza desert in November, spring brings sunshine and warmth.   The vines exit their winter hibernation and begin wrapping tendrils around the trellises.   Budbreak occurs.  Bright green flowers are precursers of the grape clusters that will ripen through the spring, summer, and early fall.

Our vineyards looked great when we visited them recently.  They are in their 7th growing season, and are ready to produce great fruit again this season.

Wayne Tamarelli