2017 was a fabulous harvest -- possibly the best in Mendoza over the last 15 years.  It was an accelerated, compressed and early harvest that pushed the vineyard and winery team to the limit and they responded. 

The final fermentations are done, and the wines are now safely in the barrels.

The 2017 wines are outstanding, characterized by complexity and depth, with balanced acidity and firm tannins.  As we have come to expect over the last 7 harvests, Malbec and Cabernet Franc are already showing extremely well. 

Here’s to another great vintage!


Pruning is one of the most important vineyard management practices of the year, as it directly affects the balance and development of the vine. This task ensures an adequate distribution of the grapes on the plant and the balance between force and production, regulating both quality and quantity.

The ideal timing for pruning comes with the first frosts and beginning of winter when the vines are dormant. The exact time of pruning is determined by our agronomists based on the specific needs of each vineyard block.

They start by pruning late-maturing varieties and finish with early maturing varieties to delay the germination of the earliest varieties and advance the later ones. 

This pruning method is designed to achieve optimal sun exposure and ventilation of clusters.

One of the main high quality pruning systems is called spur pruning.  This is the one used for our vineyards. In this system the productive and renewal elements are distributed in fixed positions, unchanged year after year, along a permanent branch or cordon.  85% to 90% of the buds are removed, and only two fertile buds are left by spur, between 16 and 19 buds per plant, which will provide the grapes for the next harvest

Wayne Tamarelli